Thermography / Thermographic Testing


Building Envelope Technologies provide the highest level of thermography including using the best equipment while maintaining our high standards.

Thermographic surveys or Thermal Imaging Surveys as they are also known can be conducted to identify cold bridging, discontinuity in or sub standard levels of insulation. Thermographic photography can also be useful in identifying air leakage paths when more cost effective methods (tracer smoke) cannot be used.

BETs’ thermographraphic engineer is ITC Level III qualified and uses camera equipment recognised as the highest quality available.

Thermogarphy requires a high level of skill, experience and training to conducting surveys effectively and interpret images correctly.

The standard of the camera used is also critical. Certain conditions must exist if thermographic observations are to give an accurate view of air leakage and thermal bridging in the building fabric.

BET have carried out over 1500 thermal imaging building surveys since 2001 on a number of Irelands flag ship buildings including UCD Sciences Centre, Apple European Head Quarters and Merck Sharp and Dhome. BET’s thermal imaging reports have been used in litigation for previous and current projects and we provide expert witness as part of our services. BET’s reports are carried out to the relevant standards for residential and commercial buildings ie with the correct environmental conditions etc. For more information on thermograhy/ thermal imaging please visit our FAQ’s Page.

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