Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality or IAQ as it is more commonly known refers to the indoor air quality in buildings. IAQ specifically looks at the quality of air in a building which may affect the health and comfort of the building occupants. The Indoor Air Quality of buildings is affected by gases, some which may contain smells such as monoxide and many which do not present any symptoms such as radon. The world Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that 1 in 4 buildings have an issue with IAQ. Furthermore the EPA (US) have coined the term Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified. Symptoms of SBS include

1.    Acute discomfort such as  headache; eye nose, or throat irritation, dry cough, dry or itchy skin; dizziness and nausea; difficulty in concentrating; fatigue; and sensitivity to odors.

2.    Cause of symptoms is not known

3.   Occupants complainants alleviate soon after leaving the building.

The UK has also offered solutions with how to deal with SBS with the publication of UK HSE: How to deal with sick building syndrome (SBS) Guidance for employers, building owners and building managers. BET’s indoor air quality survey looks at the following:

  • -Microbial Contaminants ie Mould Growth
  • -Carbon Monoxide
  • -Radon
  • -Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

The reasons behind the adverse indoor air quality issues can be varied, from ventilation, issues with the building fabric to how the building is used by its occupants. BET’s IAQ surveys firstly identify any  issues and secondly the root cause of these issues. BET have carried out over 100 IAQ surveys some which have been used for litigation using the highest quality equipment available on the market. All our surveys and reports are carried out by Level 8 Engineers and are checked by a Chartered Engineer prior to issue in line with our Quality Management System. BET’s unrivaled experience in this area in Ireland will ensure our clients get value for money solutions which will help improve the quality of their lives. BET’s surveying, consultancy and reporting service is in line with the BREEAM requirements.