Impact Testing

Softbody & Hardbody Impact Testing

Impact resistance testing is testing an object’s ability to resist high rate loading. Think of it as one object striking another object at a relatively high speed. Resistance to impact for curtain walling, cladding, windows, doors etc can depend on a number of factors. Impact resistance is one of the most important properties for a part designer to consider. Not just the ability of the material under test to resist impact, factors including how that material is fixed, what material it is fixed with and how it transfers its impact load to the building will impact on its overall resistance. It is therefore imperative that impact testing is carried out prior to ensure the correct system is selected for the project. BET carry out impact testing onsite and offsite in our Ballylacey Laboratory  in accordance with a number of Standards for curtain walling, doors, windows etc including:

  • BS EN 14019:2004 
  • BS 8200:1985
  • CWCT section 15 
  • BS EN 13049:2003 
  • CWCT Technical Note No 76 
  • BS EN 6375-2:2009 
  • BS EN 950:1999
  • BS EN 1192:2000