Facade Testing

Facade Testing

We provide full onsite and offsite (Laboratory) testing services and are members of the CWCT (Centre for Window & Cladding Technology) . BET  provide consultancy and guidance on all testing services offered and advice on the relevant standards. All BET’s Test Engineers have level 8 degrees in Construction related disciplines and have been trained to the highest standards in compliance with our ISO 17025 Management system. BET have carried out Facade testing on a number of milestone buildings in Ireland for some of the leading Facade Manufactures and Construction Contractors.

If you are interested in our Facade testing services we would be more than happy to provide a quotation.

Weathertightness Site Testing

Building Envelope Technologies carry out on site facade testing which includes wind loading (peak pressure), static  hose testing (CWCT Section 9), spray bar testing (CWCT Section 10), cabinet testing, combined air and water testing (AAMA).    BET_Jets

A building must be able to withstand wind loads during high winds and in extreme cases hurricanes, tornado’s. Wind Load testing is the analysis of the buildings performance during stormy conditions in order to identify if the buildings materials and structure can withstand high wind loads. In order to test a buildings performance sections of a facade are pressurised to represent design and safety wind loads on the facade in an as built state.

Site watertightness testing can be used to test windows,roofs, cladding and curtain wall systems for watertightness. To try minimise  the possibility of leakages and problems when the entire facade/cladding system is complete, it is good practice to test a small section of the installed system in order to identify if the fabrication and installation of the system have not affected the performance of the system. By completing small section tests, the performance of adjacent systems can also be checked. This involves  the spraying of water at a section of the window/curtain wall/cladding etc at a specified rate using specified apparatus and monitoring the test sample to ensure water does not penetrate through the cladding & curtain wall system as well and checking window components including frame, seals, opening and closing sashes. The idea of the watertightness testing is address the impact of site workmanship. The installer onsite has the challenging task  of over coming the inaccuracies in the structure that was built off site. Such inaccuracies may include interfaces between joints and ensuring that adjacent cladding systems are sealed correctly.

BET also carry out post occupancy surveys to buildings were there are issues with water penetration. A post occupancy facade survey can be used to identify the leakage areas/areas of concern. BET will issue a leakage diagnostic report following the post occupancy survey to identify the leakage areas and offer remedial solutions.

Weathertightness Laboratory Testing

Our laboratory weathertightness testing can be conducted in BET’s lab or at your premises if desired. BET can test for Wind Loading, Water Penetration and Air Permeability. BET have experience in carrying out testing to doors, windows, rooflights, AOV’s, curtain walling, cladding and composite roofs.