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LEED Assessments

LEED-LogoBuilding Envelope Technologies LEED assessor is registered to carry out LEED certification and has certified buildings in both Ireland and the UK. Our engineer has over 10 years industry exprience and holds a level 8 honors degree in Building Services Engineering. Our experience combined with our other services provides an unrivaled service to our clients. If you are interested having a LEED assessment carried out on your building please dont hesitate to contact us for more information.

What is LEED?

LEED  or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is a certification program for green buildings developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to promote and assess green buildings. For a building to achieve certification it must satisfy stringent prerequisites, by satisfying these prerequisites such as IAQ performance the building gains points, it is these points combined which give the building its rating. It is imperative project teams whom aim to achieve a specific LEED rating review their requirements at an early stage ie pre-planning. BET can advise on the merits of the various prerequisites in addition to carrying out the final LEED certification.  There are four levels of LEED certification they are as follows: 40-49 points = certified, 50-59 points = silver, 60-79 points = gold and >80 points = platinum.  LEED applies to the following building types:

  • -Building Design and Construction
  • -Interior Design and ConstructionBer
  • -Building Operations and Maintenance
  • -Neighborhood Development
  • -Residential Dwellings